103 Village Drive—Construction Update #1

The construction process is well underway on our newest home in Moore Station Village!  The concrete slab has been poured and the plumbing has been roughed in.  Next, we will have framers in and walls going up, so follow our blog for updates throughout the construction process.

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Moore Station Village is very proud to announce that construction has begun on a new home in our community!  The Gardenia is the latest addition to our collection of custom home plans.   What makes this home truly unique is the flexibility it offers.  The Gardenia is available in several configurations starting from 1,602 heated square feet with 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms on the ground floor with options to add the right amount of space to the second floor.  Available additions include 2 large bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a bonus room over the garage.

When construction concludes, 103 Village Drive will be the largest variation of the plan totaling 2,322 heated square feet complete with a finished upstairs.  The base price for the home is $289,800 and includes high quality finishes such as nine-foot ceilings throughout, hardwood floors on the first floor, ceramic tile in the bathrooms and laundry room, detailed crown molding and baseboards, granite countertops, walk-in master closet, screened porch, and a 2-car garage.

In addition to all of the wonderful touches inside the home, the future owner will have full access to all of the amenities that Moore Station Village has to offer.  Whether relaxing by the pool, visiting with friends in the Village Center, exercising in the fitness room, tending your personal plot in the community garden, or catching dinner in the stocked fishing ponds, many opportunities for enjoyment are at your fingertips.

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The Benefits of Living in a Planned Community

In your search for the perfect home, you may find yourself considering several different options or styles of living along the way.  This includes single family homes, apartment units, townhomes, etc.  Another concept is one that is utilized here at Moore Station Village, known as a Planned Unit Development or PUD.

A PUD, is a type of residential development where the homes are usually grouped together on lots that may be slightly smaller than typical and where there are large and open park like areas and other amenities within the development. Ownership is in fee simple, which is similar to most other residential homes that people are familiar with. The common areas that are within the development are owned jointly by all the residents, so if there were 50 homes then each owner would have 1/50th ownership. Another feature is that the land beneath the home is also included in the ownership of the property.

PUD’s have become popular over the years because they can add specific requirements that normal zoning ordinances may not address. Many believe that these more stringent guidelines can help preserve property values in a neighborhood. Advantages of a PUD development include the ability to incorporate protected natural areas that cannot be developed, such as a park or other green area. Some communities may include nature trails, bicycle paths and other amenities.

Moore Station Village’s amenities include a pool, playground equipment for the little ones, a spacious village center used to accommodate large gatherings for any of our residents, stocked fishing ponds, miles of well maintained walking trails, a community garden, gym with exercise equipment and free weights, and biweekly lawn maintenance throughout the development.

All of these amenities and services are for the exclusive private use of homeowners within Moore Station Village.  The ability to access these amenities is one of the major benefits of living in a PUD.  Owners pay for their own repairs and insurance, however homeowner dues, which are managed by the home owners association (HOA), pay for maintenance of the common areas such as grass mowing or pool maintenance.

The sharing of expenses among all homeowners in the development through an HOA is much more affordable than having to pay for each amenity individually.  Currently, the HOA dues for residents of Moore Station Village are set at $2500 per year billed semi-annually.  In 2016, the average cost of installing an in-ground pool in Georgia was $21,919.   Pool maintenance and utility expense averages $244 per month alone. Add in a gym membership at $40 per month, yard maintenance expense of roughly $2000 per year, pond maintenance costs of $500 per year, and free clubhouse use for gatherings can save you as much as $400 per use.

If all these amenities are taken into account, it’s easy to see why PUDs have become so popular.  And $200 per month is a small price to pay for what would be tremendously expensive for an individual homeowner.

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About Moore Station Village

In Dublin, Georgia the air is a little fresher and the handshakes a little firmer. Here Southern hospitality is more than a habit – it’s a way of life. There’s a deep appreciation for life’s simplest pleasures. Dublin is the perfect setting for Moore Station Village.

Moore Station Village is an appealing blend of yesterday’s values and today’s innovations. People of all ages live in a residential community enhanced not only by its architecture but by some of the most gorgeous scenery Georgia has to offer. Feeling at home is easy at Moore Station Village. Welcome to a unique place – and a unique opportunity.